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Building Inclusive Communities
Featuring Artists from the State Street Mural Project

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 through Friday, June 18, 2021
Frehner Gallery


Building Inclusive Communities

Featuring Artists from the Downtown Street Art and Mural Project in Madison, WI

At MAC we believe that we can build a community where all our members feel safe and valued. Where each person feels they are part of something larger, while also feeling a sense of belonging with the other members. Through art, we can build a community that;


We are indebted to the artists who have shared their talent and their stories through participation in the “Building Inclusive Communities” project at MAC. 

              Mike LRoy (@mike_lroy)

              Valendice Payne (@valendiceee)

              Keysha Mabra (@leugo_dreamer)

              Lilada Gee (@liladasart)

              Rodrigo Carapia (@rodi.art)

              Sonya Sankaran

              Danielle Mielke (@dmielkz)


A Brief History of Street Art:

Street Art, defined as visual art that is presented in public settings, has found its place at the core of contemporary art, but its origins were far from an accepted form of artistic expression. The Urban Art, Guerrilla Art, or Graffiti that began to appear in the 1920’s and 30’s in New York City was the work of local gangs. By the 1970’s a cultural movement had begun and Street Art became a response by young people to their socio-political environment, rebelling against popular culture and mass media reality.  Eventually, the Street Art phenomenon gained the attention and respect of the rest of the art world and was soon considered a legitimate form of artistic expression, in spite of the fact that it remained largely an illegal activity.  Today Street Art is represented in galleries and art markets around the world and major cities host Street Art Festivals.


The Building Inclusive Communities Exhibit is underwritten by; Paul and Sue Barrett, John and Katie Baumann, Dave and Julie Buchanan, Kevin and Chris Callahan, Bob and Wendy Erb, Marc Farmer, Lee and Chris Knuteson, Chuck and Chris Wellington, and Andy and Julie Wilke.

The MAC Gallery Season is Underwritten by; Mike and Shelley Muranyi, Paul and Sue Barrett, David and Julie Buchanan, Gof and Mary Thomson, Pete Guenther and Barb Woodriff, Don Amphlett and Jan Johnson, David and Janeen Babler, and Chuck and Chris Wellington.