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The Untold Story
by Jenie Gao

Friday, March 27, 2020 through Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Wellington & Muranyi Galleries



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At its core, Jenie Gao's work is about claiming space for the stories, people, and environments we might otherwise miss. she says "It is also about an obsessive, exacting means of recording information. Claiming space and creating records are both ways of asserting ambition, power, and identity. I specialize in democratic mediums, such as printmaking, murals, and public art."

She creates worlds and subjects centered on the division between individuals that are in intimately similar, yet divided by bias and belief. The dove is the messenger of peace, while the pigeon is a flying rat despite its service to us in times of war. Gundogs with guns for heads represent war and violence. Bulldogs with bullhorns for heads represent protest and speech. Angels and harpies, both feathered, feminine animals, differ in their reputations and public perceptions because of their given names. Tree-headed people grow imperceptibly, yet are separated from their roots. She thinks about her own experience, as a woman and first generation American, familiar with her roots and close in terms of time, but distanced by oceans and heritage.

She continues, "The purpose of this work is to get us to think about how we judge the world around us, of the ways in which we coexist or conflict with others. This work calls us to pay attention to language and how we name things. It is to get us to ask what we claim and hold space for, and whose stories we favor. There is something old and retold about the stories in my work, yet made new and different. With each generation, there are also opportunities for familiar players and characters to meet again and create new stories together."

Friday, March 27, 2020
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Artist Gallery Talk: 5:30 pm

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This exhibit has been made possible by Mike and Shelley Muranyi; Duxstad and Bestul, S.C.; Paul and Sue Barrett; David and Julie Buchanan; John and Donna Glynn; and Lee and Chris Knuteson.