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Words I Know the Songs To
by Jaclyn Garlock

Friday, June 5, 2020 through Friday, August 14, 2020
Wellington & Muranyi Galleries


I’ve been an artist my whole life, but didn’t know it until I was in my 30s. I thought I would enjoy teaching - did that for a couple of years, though it's a noble profession, it wasn't for me. In search of more fulfilling work, I started a small business printing T-shirts. “Wow! Look at me! NOW, I have an art career”! I learned a great skill in screen print - figured out I could manipulate this method how I wanted - I wondered why not do some real art? I started working it...experimenting with many layers and was able to make some highly detailed images. I staged images, mostly still life, and photographed compositions of various props. I printed on rag paper and sold the resulting serigraphs at fine art fairs around the Midwest. In about 2000, I decided to paint;  something I had done a lot of to earn a BFA, but hadn’t done any since.

After messing around with different subjects, I decided to do a self portrait. I dressed up, put on too much make-up, made my hair Tammy Wynette big and set my camera. I loved the result and was on the way to strictly figurative work. All my friends posed for me - they loved dressing up as something they were not. We’d set up different scenarios and act them out like making a short movie. Then adding in various costume changes, I could stage and photograph the scenes to mimic the ideas I had in mind. With Photoshop, photos could be cut and pasted, adding in another figure or different props, to create the best composition. I started building my compositions around women for the simple reason, they are fun to dress up. I added men to the picture a little at a time; until now where they are more than just window dressing.

When I started my paintings, and knew the direction I was going I was able to let go of selling screen prints at art fairs. I concentrated on building work and exhibiting regionally at art centers and museums. I found that people related to my images and made up stories about the people in the paintings - often ideas I had never thought of.  Different people would ask questions and we would swap theories - there were times I liked their stories better than my original idea - it's possible I stole a few - YIKES! It was all in fun.
Jacyln Garlock

Friday, June 5, 2020
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Artist Gallery Talk: 5:30 pm

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This exhibit has been made possible by Mike and Shelley Muranyi; Duxstad and Bestul, S.C.; Paul and Sue Barrett; David and Julie Buchanan; John and Donna Glynn; and Lee and Chris Knuteson.