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Emma Daisy Gertel

Artist Biography

Emma Daisy Gertel is a Milwaukee based visual artist and muralist, known for her vibrant use of color to paint plants and girls. Across mediums, Daisy’s work moves fluidly between loose and gestural to stylized and structured. Much of Daisy’s current work is an ongoing narrative exploring the in-between spaces of identity, acceptance and belonging, influenced by her experience growing up a Korean adoptee. Her work also draws from her experience and education in fashion design, community arts, and cultural development. For over a decade, Daisy served as an arts facilitator, creative director and co-executive director for a Milwaukee youth arts organization, Express Yourself Milwaukee. Her organizational work has received several accolades and awards.

Daisy maintains a studio practice in Milwaukee as a resident at Var West Gallery and shows work locally, nationally and internationally. Her murals can be found everywhere from street art tourist destinations to schools, local businesses, shopping malls and private residences. Daisy aims to create public works that are a reflection of beauty, inspire possibility, and serve as a reminder of our connections to one another.

Artist Statement

Attempting to reflect more these days on what is really important while navigating the minefield–from human rights endangered to more personal changes like moving my dad to memory care. Even I find myself questioning what I’m doing, it’s validity or importance, but art really is vital and represents possibility and change. I never want to find myself in a place where I can no longer see possibility in life.

Life has been super busy since my first mural and I am nothing but grateful to be making art all the while.

Opening Reception: Friday April 14, 2023

5:00 – 7:00 PM  – Gallery Talk 5:30 PM

Gallery Exhibits have been supported by MAC Corporate Underwriter Colony Brands, Inc. and Season Media Underwriter Big Radio, with additional support from Dave and Julie Buchanan, Pete Guenther and Barb Woodriff, Lee and Chris Knuteson, Mike and Norah Sanders, Kevin and Chris Callahan, Jane Paradowski, Deb Thompson, Chuck and Chris Wellington, and Don Amphlett and Jan Johnson.

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