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From their beginnings in mid-sixties Ohio as a group of friends playing cover tunes to the present-day unit featuring founding member/pedal-steel innovator John David Call, veteran bassist Mike Reilly, propulsive drummer Scott Thompson and guitar ace Donnie Clark, Pure Prairie League continues to embellish the rich 43-year history of one of Country-Rock’s pioneering forces.

Now in their fifth decade, Pure Prairie League continues to lead the way for the new generation of Country/Rockers such as Keith Urban, Nickel Creek, Wilco, Counting Crows, and so many others that cite PPL as a major influence. As crisp and clean as spring water and as comfortable as a well-worn cowboy shirt, Pure Prairie League still brings it all back home.

One reviewer recently wrote: “PPL’s sound combines sweet memories with edgy, contemporary muscle. Their vocals are as strong as Kentucky moonshine and the musicianship and performance skills are as sharp as a straight razor.”

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Pure Prairie League has been supported by MAC Corporate Underwriter Colony Brands, Inc. and Season Media Underwriter Big Radio, with additional support from David & Julie Buchanan, Paul & Sue Barrett, Ken & Marcia Blumer, Ruda Chevrolet Toyota, Chris & Julie Sachs, Bob & Gaida Vickerman, Dan & Sandy Bestul, Carter & Gruenewald Co Inc, Fred Faessler, Mike Furgal, Andrew & Lisa Hendrickson, Jim & Judy Munro, Ken Klassey, Jane Paradowski, Robert & Nan Rudd, Chuck & Chris Wellington, Brian & Cindy Zimmerman.

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