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Murals have been part of the artistic landscape for thousands of years; one of the earliest known animal murals dating more than 30,000 years ago can be found in France’s Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc Cave. Most recently, murals have become the centerpieces of many communities, bringing people together to understand and celebrate the heritage and history of their neighborhoods.

The Color Room spans the stairway between the first and second floor off the Wellington Gallery. The value of the Color Room at MAC lies in the conversations that will surround this work of art. With eleven different languages spoken in and around Green County, MAC will appreciate and celebrate our diversity with this mural. This collective piece of art that celebrates individuality and insists on dialogue. It is colorful and vibrant. It is thought provoking and opens our spaces at MAC to new ideas and important conversations.

The Color Room tells our story at MAC, while leaving room for the rest of the story. We are sharing our platform and promoting regional talent with this mural and we are opening our hearts and minds to all that MAC can be as an art museum and a community hub where challenging conversations are welcome.

Entering the Color Room is a unique event that promises a different experience every time you visit. You will be engaged as you are surrounded by color, art, and an expression of our world and our community.

The Color Room; A Mural Project is underwritten by; Paul and Sue Barrett, John and Katie Baumann, Dave and Julie Buchanan, Kevin and Chris Callahan, Bob and Wendy Erb, Marc Farmer, Lee and Chris Knuteson, Chuck and Chris Wellington, and Andy and Julie Wilke.

Monroe Arts Center gallery exhibitions and opening receptions are free and open to the public.

Click HERE for more information about the Color Room.

Starting March 15, 2022 all Covid-19 restrictions will end for all events and classes at the Monroe Arts Center. Masks will be optional.

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