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Join Clarno Zion and Staver St. Peter’s United Methodist Churches for a spiritually uplifting afternoon at “The Living Water: A Flute and Harp Concert Celebrating the Wellspring of Life,” a special fundraising concert.

The concert will feature two clergies with a professional music background. Through the power of words and music, you will be invited to journey towards the living water that Jesus provides, which is a source of true satisfaction that cannot be found in the physical world. This event is a unique opportunity to reflect on the deeper meaning of life and to connect with the community in a meaningful way.

All funds raised through this event will go towards the construction of a new well and associated water tank at the parsonage property.

Refreshments will be served after the concert.

Flute Performance – Rev. Sarah Mae Gabuyo

Rev. Sarah Mae Gabuyo has been serving as the Lead Pastor at Clarno Zion and Staver St. Peter’s United Methodist Churches in Monroe, Wisconsin since July 2020. Originally from Manila, Philippines and raised in Milan, Italy, she brings a rich cultural background to her pastoral ministry. Beyond this, she carries with her a deep passion for music that she developed through many years of formal training with internationally acclaimed musicians, such as Raffaele Trevisani and Sir James Galway.

Sarah Mae holds a  Bachelor and Master of Art degrees in Flute Performance from the Conservatory of Music “A. Buzzolla” in Adria, Italy, a diploma in Vocal Performance from the Claudio Abbado Civic Music School in Milan, Italy, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy. Despite her extensive musical training, she ultimately felt a strong sense of calling to pursue ministry, which led her to earn her Master of Divinity degree from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C.

In 2014, Sarah Mae was a featured artist of the Cultural Center of the Philippines Special Concert Series at the National Theatre. She has also taught a series of Masterclasses for the Arts Education Department of the Cultural Center and for the University of Santo Tomas Music Department in Manila, Philippines.

Throughout most of Sarah Mae’s life, she believed that she would bring heavenly joy to people through her music. However, God had different plans for her, and instead, God used her to guide people closer to the heavenly kingdom through ministry. Reflecting on her journey, she explains, “I never truly felt fulfilled until I recognized that I am an instrument of God, leading people with the transformative gift of music that can touch the soul and transform lives.”

Harp Performance – Chaplain Rev. Claudia Lee Dorsch 

Chaplain Rev. Claudia Lee Dorsch (Chia-Ho Lee) is originally from Taipei, Taiwan, and has been married to her supportive spouse, John (from Milwaukee, Wisconsin), since 1998. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the National Taiwan Normal University in fine arts with a concentration in music and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Care and Counseling from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary.

Claudia (Chia-Ho) was the principal harpist for the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra between 1988-1998. After her father’s death, the feelings of emptiness and meaningless drove her away from the coveted job and her home country.

“The Lord was merciful. God gave me a new family to explore the meaning of life.” Through ups and downs, she found a new purpose by answering God’s calling into ministry. She resonated with those in pain and wanted to comfort them with God’s unconditional love. Claudia now serves as the staff chaplain at UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital in Dubuque, Iowa, and a provisional deacon of the United Methodist Church for the Wisconsin Annual Conference.

She reflects, “In my early years of playing the harp, I worried about the ‘right forms,’ such as the angles of each finger, the position of my elbows, shoulders, and the chair height, etc. Now I see that process was similar to teaching on the orthodoxy of the scripture. Music became too rigid if I only fixated on the right forms. Now when I play my harp, it is a new thing to experience the presence of God that makes the music gentle to the soul.”

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