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“It all started in a 5,000-watt radio station…”

According to artist Gregg Schieve, “My photo journey began when I borrowed a good friend’s “real” camera, a Nikon SLR film camera, for a trip I took to New York in 1974 with my college art class. From then on, I was hooked! I felt like a “real” photographer because I had to make critical choices like framing, focusing, and exposure – choices that I would later discover to be an important part of the creative photography process. Shortly after that trip, I purchased my first SLR camera, a Pentax K1000. As an art major, I was already learning about things like composition, subject matter, color, and light and dark – all creative concepts or techniques that I could use as a photographer. I loved the immediacy of photography as compared to painting or sculpting, even in the pre-digital era of film cameras.

I honed my camera/photography skills by shooting scenes that interested me, and figuring out what I did right and what I did wrong. I am a hopeless do-it-yourselfer and learned the art of still photography by trial and error. Shortly after moving to Madison, Wisconsin, I was hired to an entry-level position at WKOW-TV, Channel 27, the local ABC affiliate. My job was so easy that it allowed me the time to explore more creative career options at the station, perhaps involving photography.

Once the lively art of photography gets in your blood, it never leaves you. At least that’s what I’ve experienced. Since my “retirement” I’ve rekindled my still photography interest and have been shooting more than at probably any other time in my life. The difference now is that I can shoot what and when I want and am not beholden to satisfying a client. I love nature and being outdoors, so I typically find subject matter in nature scenes. I especially enjoy shooting in the wilds of Wisconsin’s Northwoods. I also find interesting shots sitting in a restaurant or taking a walk downtown. To me, it’s about “making” a photo, not “taking” a photo. I will never quit.”


I have been blessed to be able to work in creative fields for most of my professional career. In my past life, still photography was always a creative release from my “real job” as a video photographer. Now, I have the freedom to express myself as an artist through fine art photography.

As a self-taught photographer, my passion for photography is more an expression of an art form and less an exercise in operating a piece of photographic equipment. I can make art if the camera has a lens and can create an image.

When I see a compelling composition, dynamic lighting, or an emotional moment, I feel the need to make a photograph. It’s an “inner creative” desire I feel that pushes me to make something that wasn’t there before. It’s with me all the time.

As a lifelong Wisconsin resident, I have made it my mission to photograph the natural beauty our state has to offer and everyday scenes of life. I enjoy creating memorable images. Even better, I enjoy sharing those images with others.

Opening Reception: Friday, September 1, 2023, 5:00 – 7:00 PM = Gallery Talk 5:30 PM

Gallery Exhibits have been supported by MAC Corporate Underwriter Colony Brands, Inc. and Season Media Underwriter Big Radio, with additional support from David & Julie Buchanan, Lee & Chris Knuteson, Paul & Sue Barrett, David & Janeen Babler, Kevin & Chris Callahan, Deb Thompson, Barb Woodriff & Pete Guenther, Horst & Mary Alice Hart, Jane Paradowski, Chuck & Chris Wellington.

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